Manali ( A travel diary )

Manali – A travel diary

          A place , where you feel like you are in the lap of nature , well maintained woods , Himalayan mountains , which want to touch sky and heavenly peace , that is Kullu-Manali. 
          I have gone there for treking tour. Started my final journey to Manali from Pathankot in a Vinger. It was night. A van was moving smoothly and then I slept. The next morning , I wakeup in the lap of high mountains of Himalayas. What a scene that was. Our van was going along with the river Beas , one of the five rivers which makes Punjab. The whole road was along the Beas river upto Manali. We passed through some tunnels and bridges also. As we were going nearer the beauty of scenes was increasing. After sometime I was at about 1250m from the sea level in Kullu.
          Our van stopped at village Ghoddaud in Kullu district. There was a Ganesh temple , beautiful and wooden crafted. There was apple garden beside the temple. Snowy mountains had seen from there. The destination was not that. The destination is about 2km far from there. We took our luggage and started walking. That was the first day and those 2km furstrated us. The Base camp was covered with apple gardens. Tents were situated on the stepped area. We put our luggages in respective tent. After breakfast , instructors instruct us about the place and something about our trekking. They took us on a small treak for making used to the environment. They gave some instructions for how to set in that environment and what type of care we sould and we must take during trekking.
          The main sir one announced that we had to go for rivercrossing on that noon. I was not so curious because I have attended a basic trekking camp earlier and that was easy. But when I had been instructed , I felt it was becoming awesome. That was really adventures. People who leaves in a city in which temperature rises upto 48℃ in summer and they had to walk in icy cold water of a stream in upstream direction. When it was started the water comes upto foot only. Then it risen slowly as we were going forward and lastly the level of that 4℃ temperatured water was upto my waist. We were trembling after completing the task. But that was the basic adventure. The more adventurers task was waiting for us. That night we had informed that we have to start our journey to the Advanced camp.
          Next morning we were took upto Gulaba from van and then we started  our trekking. Every steps were quite unexpected. As we were going higher my existment was increasing. There were very high trees. Some of them were higher than five floor building. As going further , the height of trees started decreasing. Finally it turns in the vast grounds of green grass. I found fresh green grass on the mountain slops. And there was a last shop of "maggie". He was selling maggie at almost double price. Turning monopoly into money. Then we started walking on the grassy slops. It was looking easy task but it was tough. The slop was ending at about at 300ft from us. I was imagining about my advanced camp just at the end of slop because that was out of my sight. I started feeling energetic. But what I have seen at the end of slop , an another slop. This happend about four to five times. I was frustrated. 
          I needed rest and I laid down on ground. The scene from there was amazing. A high , wide , snowy mountain covered my sight. A river was clearly seen from the top to bottom of that mountain. That was the scene which have to see for next two days whenever we go. It was too hard to climb a mountain with only breakfast energy , and I took a little beccause of the fear of non digestive environment. It was a good as well as bad decision for me. I haven't drunk tea for that 3 days. Again we started walking. 
          Sun had been set. Darkness is increasing and I had left the idea of reaching to the camp before 10 at night. Small streams were coming on the path and we have to cross them without getting our shoes wet. I had successfully crossed all the streams but at last I had seen a group which was trying to cross and I went there to help them. They had crossed successfully but this time my shoes became wet. The path had many turns. As I crossed a turn , I thought I could see the camp but I could see only an other turn. After crossing about 7 to 8 turns I could see a lamp far from me. There was dark everywhere and we are going with the help of torch light. Some group members were feeling sick. They were no more in position to walk. We kept them on our shoulders and took them to camp. There where about 3 camp sites of different trekking groups and ours was last. Finally we had reached at site. We are in about 0℃ temperature and tents were not ready. All were shouting. They served ushot soup and all of us had drunk 2 to 3 mug of soups. No need to eat then. We went into camp and slept. 
          The next morning was ridiculous;) I was in sleeping bag and constrained in it. Yet I had covered most of the space. Three of my friends were in one corner only. Its was really ridiculous. And that all because of the level of tent was not perfect. Tents were situated on the slope. We opened our plastic bags and took shoes out. Without the bag shoes became wet because of snow fall or rain fall which we experienced at base camp. I thought we were intelligent. Then we take coffee. Why coffee? Because it controls pressure. Yet my coffee couldn't do so well and I had to seen the place to release pressure. It was filthy. I felt like vomiting. I shut the door quickly. Then the only way to do that-a big stone. 
          We left the camp on the instructions of instructor. Starting was easy. Soft and something sleepy soil with some grass and we complete that part easily. Then the slops of snow started. It was too hard to walk on snow slops. Without shoes with grips you can't walk on snow. Took small and forced steps started to make us tired fastly. We completed our first milestone and what we seen? There was snow everywhere. Heart is beating with existment but brain was thinking about my legs;) we covered good distance at time and then a big cloud came in the path. There was zero visibility moment with beautiful snowfall. Everyone had seated on stones or snows and snowballs were hitting on their raincoats , mine too and what a melodious sound that was! Instructor said that we can't go forward because of this type of weather and we disappointed. 
          After sometimes weather was started to be clear and then we had started our journey again. It was toughest trek of whole path. We had a foot wide trek with one side mountain and other side valley. I had done my shoes and hand gloves wet by snow yet I had tightly gripped on the snowy mountain slope with hands. My each step made me more frightend. I was trembling actually with fear and cold. That was totally out of my imagination. The atmosphere changed again and there was again zero visibility condition. Now instructor saud us to go back. And the more heartstoppable moment was that when he said us that we had to go back on the same way. Actually there was no space to turn back. I was totally frightened. I asked my friend " mari sache fate chhe!!" And at that moment a girl was slipped from trek and all thought that she was gone in the mouth of death but the slope was something flat at some distance and she was saved. Instructor found that it was safe for us and he thought that it was faster than trek so he asked us to start slip on the snowy slope. We have started one by one. And it was really amazing. Then after we have made slip on three other slopes too during the way to camp. We had found our way ourself when we were going back. As we reached at camp , we quickly went inside tent. 
          After a hour , it was a dinner time but we were in our sleeping bags. We saw a movie and then slept. Next day we started journey to the base camp. On that day that was our turn to serve food at camp , and that was last day. All the trekkers enjoyed food very well. Then next day we had gone to old manali for just site seeing. But the actual adventures experience was at Gulaba. 
          It was really amazing , adventures , rememberful and extraordinary for me. It was my first trip with college friends and it will stay in my memories for lifetime.


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